The Field Kindley Golden Tornado soccer team faced off against the Chanute Blue Comets on Thursday. Field Kindley walked away from a 2-0 win behind senior Tate Thornburg. Chanute was lead defensively by senior goalkeeper Chandler Finuf and junior Lawson Collins. Because of Collins’s great one-on-one coverage of Thornburg, the Blue Comets gave up much less than they could have.

“Lawson played incredible. Lawson had an awesome game and maybe the best individual effort of anyone this season. He more or less contained [Thornburg]. He’s a really good player, he’s good on the ball, and he’s fast and Lawson contained him to one. He got a goal on one breakaway that got away but, Lawson played outstanding,” Chanute’s head coach Adam Wilcox said.

The Golden Tornado got their first goal in the 12th minute on a score from Thornburg. Their second of the contest came in the 60th minute.

Also in the second half, Finuf was charged with penalty in the goal box that some could say was a less than great call. Nonetheless, Finuf made a fantastic save on the penalty kick. This wasn’t the first or the last potentially blown call that was made throughout the match.

“Chan saved another pen, which is insane. That penalty was weird, I’m gonna have to go back and watch this game a couple times, because there’s a lot of stuff that from my vantage point was confusing of how it was called the way it was. Maybe it was right and I just couldn’t see from there,” Wilcox said.