Uniontown Tunes Up Before Sub-State With Trip To Osawatomie Tournament

(Author’s note: We are still seeking sponsors to broadcast the 2A Sub-State in Uniontown featuring Uniontown as well as both Oswego and St. Mary’s Colgan. If you are interested in sponsoring our broadcast e-mail admin@sek-sports.com)

The Uniontown Lady Eagles had one final opportunity to work on their play before hosting 2A Sub-State on Saturday. This pas weekend found the Lady Eagles in Osawatomie.

“This is always a tough tournament, but the level of play is great…and what we need heading into sub state.  The girls played well…we are still working on some of those little things…covering our hitters and block, as well as consistent communication. ” said Uniontown head coach Jackie Hall.


Girard def Uniontown 25-22, 25-19
Bri Stokes 5 points
Maddie Ard 17/17 on attacks 5 kills
Lauren Shinn 9/11 on attacks 4 kills
Uniontown def Veritas 16-25, 25-17 25-17
Paige Mason 10 pt
Maddie Ard 26/29 on attacks 6 kills
Karleigh Schoenberger 10/11 on attacks 3 kills
Jeff Co. North def Uniontown 25-19 25-12
Paige Mason 5 pt
Maddie Ard 9/13 on attacks 2 kills
Lauren Shinn 6/6 on attacks 1 kill
Marantha def Uniontown 25-10 25-13
Lauren Shinn 3 pt
Karleigh Schoenberger 8/11 on attacks 1 kill
“We are excited to be hosting the Class 2A Sub State tournament next Saturday….it will be a great day of volleyball with the teams that are coming in!” noted Hall.