Devon Hestand, from Cherryvale, Kansas, brings a unique combination of passion for sports, technological savvy, and a solid problem-solving approach to SEK Sports. With an enduring love for competition and an extensive background in sports, Devon is well-equipped to contribute to the evolving world of sports broadcasting.

An avid golfer and family man, Devon values the balance between personal interests, family time, and professional growth. His hobby of working on solder projects reflects a keen interest in technology and a hands-on approach to solving problems, skills that are invaluable in the fast-paced environment of sports broadcasting.

Professionally, Devon is driven by the challenge of improving daily operations and processes. His proactive attitude towards problem-solving and optimization is a cornerstone of his work ethic. This mindset, combined with a genuine enthusiasm for sports broadcasting, positions Devon to make significant contributions to SEK Sports.

Currently, Devon relishes his role as the District Technology Director at Cherryvale USD 447, where he’s responsible for overseeing the technological infrastructure and advancements within the district. His work has not only been rewarding but also instrumental in shaping his approach towards problem-solving and technology integration in educational settings. Looking ahead, Devon is excited about the prospect of transitioning to teaching Technology, aiming to inspire the next generation with the power and potential of technological literacy.