A new league we are eager to cover this upcoming sports season is the Pioneer League. Before we get there though here’s the Wednesday morning updates for the Three Rivers League: 8-Man edition and Lyon County League “Battle of the Fields”….well…battle.

Battle of the Fields: 3 Rivers League 8 Man

Battle of the Fields: Lyon County League

Voting is still open for those 2 leagues.

We move on to the Pioneer League. The question is simple: which of the Pioneer League stadiums do you enjoy watching a game of high school football from? The poll is at the bottom of the article. Please be sure to share, tag, tweet, e-mail this article to your friends, family, coaches and former players.

Thank you once again to Kenny Elrod for making the trip. A special thank you to Wellsville High School Athletic Director Brad Burkdoll for sending us photos of the Wellsville field and facilities.

1. Anderson County






2. Burlington






3. Iola






4. Osawatomie






5. Prairie View






6. Santa Fe Trail






7. Wellsville